Barefoot path open from 16/03

Fancy some healthy outdoor air? Take off your shoes because Lieteberg is the first (and most beautiful) barefoot path in Flanders. Climb, splash and climb in ponds and over sand hills. Advance reservation is mandatory

All prices

€ 5,00/child - € 7,50/adult
€ 5,00/p.p from 20 pers.

What makes the barefoot path so great.

  • Adventurous for young & old
  • Almost 3 km long
  • Stimulates your senses
  • First barefoot path of Flanders

Rediscover nature on the adventurous barefoot path

Have you always wanted to know what it feels like to walk around barefoot in the great outdoors? Then come and discover our barefoot path and experience the ultimate feeling of freedom. Lieteberg has the honour to offer you this experience on the first barefoot path in Flanders. Use all your senses and both feet to perceive the special stimuli of wood, stones, tree chips, grass, loam and water on a carefully composed trail. Cold and warm, humid and dry, pleasant and stimulating alternate on a trail of almost 3 km long, which is only accessible to bare feet.

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Barefoot path with logs

Excitement and adventure

The former gravel and sand quarry, the setting in which the barefoot path was laid out, offers variety as well as excitement and experience. There are water features, sand hills, steep slopes ... where you can climb, splash and tumble. A wooden watchtower, a maze and a suspension bridge make this experience even more special. The barefoot path in Lieteberg is currently the most beautiful in Western Europe.

Want to know more about the barefoot path? Feel free to contact us.

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