Entomopolis (Museum of insects)

Go on safari through the captivating and fascinating microcosm in the insect museum Entomopolis. Your mouth will fall open with all those fluttering butterflies and millions of squirming creatures. Advance reservation is mandatory

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Discover the intriguing world of insects

As the main attraction of the visitor centre, Entompolis with its "fascinating microcosm" is an important part of a diverse range of nature education and experience for visitors to the Hoge Kempen National Park.

With Entomopolis, Lieteberg wants to introduce the visitor in an attractive way to the fascinating and often unknown world of insects and to the relationships between the insect world and man and society. An attempt is made to make the visitor aware of the usefulness and importance of insects.

We opted for a thematic approach that appeals to every visitor and encourages them to approach nature in a different way as a tourist and especially to explore the small in nature.

Room 1: The reverse world

In the half-dark hall, a continuous audiovisual presentation is shown on large screens with artistic images of insects or parts of insects. The proportions are reversed: the insects are big and we are small. The beauty of the insect world is contrasted with many prejudices and the average visitor's lack of knowledge about insects.

Room 2: The entomolab

In this room four themes are discussed: the anatomy of insects, structures extremities, the place of insects in the animal kingdom and evolution, the development of insects.

Room 3: Insects are special

The insect's life as an individual and as part of social models of society is central in this room. Among other things, the special characteristics of insects are discussed here and a number of terrariums with living creatures have been integrated.

The visitor can measure up to insects in terms of high jump and weightlifting. Finally, fascinating survival strategies and teamwork with insects are discussed.

Room 4: Temporary exhibitions

A modular exhibition system allows the museum to adapt the story and easily add and/or replace subjects.

Room 5: The importance of insects

In the last room it is made clear how important insects are for man and society.

There is an interactive quiz where you can catch insects and have to solve questions and finally a medium that encourages the visitor to go out into nature and get to know insects better.