Butterfly dome

Discover the colourful beauty of our dancing jewels in the butterfly dome. In this protected space, our European butterflies will have maximum chances of survival and you will learn how to make the butterflies' lives easier.

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€ 2,00 p.p.
Groups from 20 pers.: € 1,00 p.p.

Appreciation for European butterflies and moths

Be amazed by the dancing beauties in the butterfly dome with European butterflies. Enjoy the colourful flutters that fly around you in sunny weather. Look for butterfly eggs, caterpillars and dolls on the more than 75 different plant species. Each plant is used as food by at least one butterfly species.

A butterfly dome, not a tropical butterfly conservatory

The Butterfly Dome at Lieteberg is special because only European butterfly species are kept here. Consequently, the dome does not consist of glass but of wire and the garden is subject to the seasons and weather conditions. This means that we let nature take its course and there are no butterflies to be seen during the winter period. The animals then hibernate.

The butterfly season runs from the beginning of April until mid-October, during this time you will most likely see butterflies.

Butterflies in the sunlight

Butterflies are cold-blooded; they are unable to produce their own body heat. If a butterfly wants to fly, it first has to warm up in the sun. The butterfly catches solar heat with its wings and therefore sits in the sun with its wings open.

No sunny weather, go out, search and find out where the butterflies and caterpillars are hiding. Maybe you'll also spot the butterfly egg or doll.

Raising awareness through nature education

In the butterfly dome you will be informed about the usefulness of butterflies. Take a close look at their world and unravel the threats to their survival.